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Movement joints are dynamic, and will be subject to horizontal (expansion/contraction), vertical and shear movement. Therefore, before selecting the most appropriate movement jointing system, it is important that the movement criteria of the joint is known engineer to ensure that the proposed system accommodates all the predicted types of movement.

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Waterproofing was not given its due importance and it used to be delegated to whoever was doing other civil work. Kryton India invested in the education of the industry and worked towards supplying solutions to waterproofing problems that had existed for decades.

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MIXING, PLACING & CURING 23 Slag Cement Association 2015 Project of the Year Awards 29 Higher Wind Towers on the Rise 33 Effect of Cold Curing Water on Concrete 41 Workability and Setting Time for Slipform Paving Concrete Mixtures by James D. Lockwood, Matthew J. Chase, and Steven T. McRory

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Mena Infrastructure - Q3 2010 Kryton International Inc.'s ALIREZA BIPARVA explains how to find the best waterproofing solution for the most vulnerable part of your concrete structure. Joints play a vital role in fortifying concrete structures. But when it comes to ...

Waterproofing Admixtures For Concrete

Aug 13, 2012 · For projects and applications that need waterproof concrete, the use of PRAs is worth considering. Contractors need only follow sound placement and finishing practices to install it successfully, and owners may be able to cover the costs by saving the labor and materials required for other waterproofing methods.

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Dampproofing and Waterproofing (07100), in AECinfo.com, your source of North American building product and supplier information, including brochures, specs and CAD details, since 1995.

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About The Everything Building Envelope Podcast: Everything Building Envelope℠ is a dedicated podcast and video forum for understanding the building envelope. Our podcast series discusses current trends and issues that contractors, developers and building owners have to deal with related to pre and post construction.

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Waterproofing in Buildings - Methods and Types of Waterproofing

Waterproofing in Buildings – Methods and Types of Waterproofing Waterproofing in buildings is the formation of an impervious barrier over surfaces of foundations, roofs, walls and other structural members of building to prevent water penetrations through these surfaces.

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Construction joints and details are often responsible for leaks in concrete structures. Images courtesy Kryton International Correct products create correct systems When discussing the waterproofing of a concrete structure with below-grade aspects, it is important ...

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Hunter's Welding & Fabrication is an industrial supplier of fabrication, mobile welding, welding and fabrication.

Concrete Admixtures

Concrete, the single most widely-used building material in the world, has a history dating back to the Romans and ancient Egyptians. Given that concrete is used twice as much in construction over all other building materials, emphasis on quality, performance and sustainability is essential for the industry to grow and thrive.

Integral Crystalline Waterproofing Technology

May 17, 2010 · Crystalline Technology Other Benefits Along with superior waterproofing and self-sealing properties, integral crystalline waterproofing technology offers a number of key benefits: Permanent solution becomes a part of the concrete matrix so it will not crack, peel, tear, or wear-away, even against high hydrostatic pressure.

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Waterproofing is a key part of the building process. We have specialized in waterproofing since 1982. Our product range provides systems from basement to roof and our technical team tailores waterproofing solutions from this product range for the individual requirements of our customers in the construction industry.


Basement waterproofing sealers are commonly used to seal pores and capillary tracts of concrete to prevent water from entering. A basement waterproofing sealer is needed anytime a basement is built at ground level or below ground level where ground water can build up in the soil, raise the water table and thus travel through the concrete.

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Amaya Residence 2 Sofia, Bulgaria Home Projects Below Grade Amaya Residence 2 Background The Amaya Residence 2 is a residential complex that resides on an area of 10,000 m 2.This complex, which consists of six separate buildings with 170 apartments and penthouses, is located in one of the rapidly developing areas in Sofia next to a metro station, commercial center, and large park area.


Kryton International Inc. provides the most effective concrete waterproofing systems in the world. Using our proven Krystol® technology, Kryton offers admixture solutions, surface-applied treatments, repair and maintenance products, joint waterproofing protection and water repellent sealer. Associate Brand : Krystol

Kryton Watertight Concrete

Kryton’s Krystol concrete waterproofing products are either added directly to the concrete mix or applied to the surface of concrete. The product will then continue to give the concrete structure a self-sealing ability and will work for the

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The Importance of Waterproofing Joints While joints play a vital role in fortifying concrete structures, they represent the most vulnerable part of the structure from a waterproofing perspective. Without an effective joint waterproofing system (known as a waterstop system), it’s …

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Concrete Waterproofing

Sep 30, 2016 · Before we talk about the advantages of integral waterproofing, it is important to note that waterproof concrete by itself does not deliver waterproof construction. Water can still go around concrete and penetrate joints, so these entry points will still need attention. Integral waterproofing

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Krytonite Swelling Waterstop is a synthetic rubber waterstop that uses swelling pressure to seal concrete construction joints and penetrations.

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Krystol Waterstop Treatment™ (K-321)

Cementitious Slurry Krystol Waterstop Treatment is a cementitious slurry applied to horizontal and vertical construction joints that assists in waterproofing the structure and provides a protection of rebar in the jointing from corrosion. Specially formulated with Kryton’s proven Krystol technology, the active ingredients combine chemically with water and un-hydrated cement to forms millions ...

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To best prepare for winter, he recommends building owners conduct a thorough review of the exterior and existing waterproofing systems. “This may include the entire building envelope, localized areas such as windows or penetrations through the exterior cladding, or the waterproof membranes and joints for parking structures,” he says.

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The Kryton Waterproofing System was used to support an externally applied sheet membrane, as the sheet membrane could not be trusted as the only waterproofing solution for this high risk project.